Setting Up and Installing Laravel

    • Introduction
    • Installing Laravel as a git submodule
    • Configuring Laravel
    • Using Laravel with Sublime Text 2
    • Setting up IDE
    • Autoloader to map a class name

Using Forms and Gathering Input

    • Introduction
    • Creating a simple form
    • Gathering form input to display on another page
    • Validating user input
    • Creating a file uploader
    • Validating a file uploader
    • Creating a custom error message
    • Adding a honey pot to a form
    • Uploading an image using Redactor
    • Cropping an image using Jcrop
    • Creating an autocomplete text input
    • Making a CAPTCH-style spam catcher

Authenticating Your Application

    • Introduction
    • Setting up configuring the Auth library
    • Creating an authentication system
    • Retrieving and updating user info after logging in
    • Restricting access to certain pages
    • Setting up OAuth with the HybridAuth package
    • Logging in using Facebook credentials
    • Logging in using Twitter credentials
    • Logging in using LinkedIn

Storing and Using Data

    • Introduction
    • Creating data tables using migrations and schemas
    • Querying using raw SQL statement
    • Querying using Fluent
    • Querying using Eloquent ORM
    • Using automatic validation in models
    • Using advanced Eloquent and relationships
    • Creating a CRUD system
    • Importing a CSV using Eloquent
    • Using RSS as a data source
    • Using RSS as a data source
    • Using attributes() to change table columns names
    • Using a non-Eloquent ORM in Laravel

Using Controllers and Routes for URLs and APIs

    • Introduction
    • Creating a basic controller
    • Creating a route using a closure
    • Making the controller RESTful
    • Using advanced routing
    • Using a filter on the route
    • Using route groups
    • Building a RESTful API with routes
    • Using named routes

Displaying Your Views

    • Introduction
    • Creating and using a basic views
    • Passing data into a view
    • Loading a view into another view/nested views
    • Adding assets
    • Creating a view using Blade
    • Using TWIG templates
    • Utilizing advanced Blade usage
    • Creating localization of content
    • Creating menus in Laravel
    • Integrating with Bootstrap
    • Using named views and view composers

Creating and Using Composer Packages

    • Introduction
    • Downloading and installing packages
    • Using the Generators package to set up an app
    • Creating a Composer package in Laravel
    • Adding your Composer package to Packagist
    • Adding a non-Packagist package to Composer
    • Creating a custom artisan command

Using Ajax and jQuery

    • Introduction
    • Getting data from another page
    • Setting up a controller to return JSON data
    • Creating an AJAX search function
    • Creating and validating a user using AJAX
    • Filtering data based on checkbox selection
    • Making an Ajax newsletter sign-up box
    • Sending an e-mail using Laravel and jQuery
    • Creating a sortable table using jQuery and Laravel

Using Security and Sessions Effective

    • Introduction
    • Encrypting and decrypting data
    • Using Redis to save sessions
    • Using basic sessions and cookies

Testing and Debugging Your App

    • Introduction
    • Setting up and configuring PHPUnit
    • Writing and running a test case

Deploying and Integrating Third-party Services into Your Application

  • Introduction
  • Creating a queue and using Artisan to run it
  • Deploying a Laravel app to Pagoda Box